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Trial Sleeve
Firm sleeve with very little compression. Used during a trial or for training experienced dogs. Sleeve cover is required.
Young Dog Sleeve
Softer than a Trial sleeve with more compression to build bite confidence of a young dog before going to a trial sleeve. Can be a one piece forearm or require a sleeve cover like a trial sleeve.
Puppy Sleeve
Soft bite area to allow the most compression to teach a puppy to set their grip. One piece forearm bite area with plastic upper.
Bite Tugs
Used to teach puppies the game of biting. Light in weight allowing the puppy to easily carry. There are many different sizes, shapes and materials used in making tugs.

Sleeve Covers
Sleeve covers are made of various materials from natural jute to synthetic weaves. Covers are designed to protect the sleeves from wear as well as a good surface for the dog to grip onto.

Nylcot Limiter for Sleeve
Nylcot Limiter for Sleeve